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The Netherlands is not the only country where you can buy La Strada shoes. In fact, our shoes are real favourites in other European countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain. La Strada combines that popularity perfectly in our collections of trendy, young-fashion shoes for women and men. La Strada Woman and La Strada Man feature a varied range of styles: from young, sporty and fashionable to chic and formal casual. All of them have a trendy or high-fashion touch and are particularly commercially viable. Visit our store locator right now to find a retail outlet near you.

La Strada offers optimal assistance to retailers in lots of different ways, including our B2B website, which offers a direct link to the retailers. It features a retail portal with all the necessary procurement and sales-support functions that go with it. In addition, we can help with a range of marketing activities, such as our newsletter and social media.

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