Our story

You want a pair of shoes to go with every outfit, shoes that come straight off the catwalk, because you like to follow the very latest trends. Welcome to La Strada, where you can indulge your love of shoes. La Strada was founded in response to a desire to make uniquely-designed shoe fashion accessible to everyone. We follow the latest trends in the high-end and avant-garde sectors, and we have the skill to create top-quality, uniquely-designed models at affordable prices on the basis of those trends.

A global family business

La Strada combines the passion, commitment and business sense of a family business with the vision and creativity of a multinational. We are a family-run business with a global character, and that’s expressed and deeply embedded in our shoe collections, our long-lasting partnerships and our sales network that stretches out across many European countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Germany. La Strada has been a major player in European shoe manufacturing and trade for years. We truly believe in building durable partnerships, both with our customers and with our suppliers. Our head office is located on De Langestraat in the historic centre of the Dutch shoe industry: Waalwijk in the Dutch province of Noord Brabant.

Design & Services

We want to surprise style-conscious, fashionable women and men again and again with our comfortable yet contemporary catwalk-inspired footwear at competitive prices. In addition, we are always a reliable partner for our retailers, and we always do our utmost to deliver top-quality service and to ensure excellent sales and retail.

La Strada wants to meet customers’ wishes as best possible, with high-fashion designs, competitive prices, good quality, short, rapid delivery times and efficient service. Our years of experience and outstanding relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers mean that La Strada can supply large quantities quickly, can do adjustments during the process and make last minute changes to respond to new fashion and trends.

Quality first!

Every shoe that leaves a La Strada manufacturing facility is subjected to stringent quality control. That’s how we can guarantee that all our shoes are absolutely top quality, and both the end customer and our retailers can rely on that. Quality comes first, and that’s what you’ll see in the final product.

Long-lasting partnerships

La Strada shoes are available outside the Netherlands too. These shoes are favourites in other European countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain. La Strada combines that popularity perfectly in our collections of trendy, young-fashion shoes for women and men. La Strada Woman and La Strada Man comprise a varied range of styles: from young, sporty and fashionable to chic and formal casual. All of them have a trendy or high-fashion touch and are particularly commercially viable. Visit our store locator right now to find a retailer near you. If you are interested in becoming a dealer click on the button below.

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