Heavenly slip-ons for hot days. Why make it hard on yourself: wear loafers for both style and comfort. No matter what your look is for spring and summer, loafers add a finishing touch to your outfit. Loafers are ideal if the weather is just a little too cool for flip-flops or sandals. We all always looks forward to summer, but hot days are even better with a pair of these great slip-ons in your wardrobe.

Featured Loafers


Loafer blue


Loafer with stones green


Loafer gold


Loafer orange


Loafer metallic fuchsia

Loafers trend

Are you looking for loafers that are exactly what you want? Stop right now. You see, we have loafers that follow the latest trends from the catwalk in a range of models and styles. Do you like thin soles, a low heel, with a square or a pointed toe? Do you want to wear them with a casual summer dress, or to go with your business suit? There’s no end to the variety in our collection. La Strada loafers look sophisticated, giving your entire outfit an instant elegant look. These fashionable slip-ons truly are must-haves!

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