If you want a pair of summer shoes with comfortable heels, why not try shoes with wedge heels? Wedges are shoes where the heels are worked along the entire sole. They distribute the weight more evenly across the full length of the sole, which makes them the ideal shoe for long summer walks or parties where you spend most of your time on your feet.

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Wedge sandal


Wedge sandal


Wedge sandal


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La Strada wedges

And that’s why wedges are our seasonal favourites. They’re the shoes that make us a couple of inches taller without even trying. They’re the shoes we can wear to dance the night away and they make our ankles, calves and legs look longer and slimmer. Wedges are nonchalantly fabulous. La Strada wedges are available in a range of colours and heights. Their delicate little buckles and straps provide a bit more firmness, offering plenty of comfort so you can walk all day and dance all night.

Do you like bright and cheerful rainbow colours, or is elegant, minimalist black more your thing? Do you prefer a finish in stylish cork or rather a woven-jute rope look? Say ‘YES’ to shapely ankles, long legs and slim calves.

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